Did you know property investment is a key driver of national wealth? First Link Property works alongside your financial services professional to include property investment in your wealth creation strategy.

We do this through a national approach, finding properties that most suit your personal situation.
Since property investment is our specialty, we are able to negotiate inclusions that are not typically available in the retail market.

We are only able to achieve this by working with the best developers, the best industry professionals
and committed property investors.

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First Link Property provides industry professionals and referral partners with access to a national range of property investment solutions for their clients without additional cost.

We provide supportive material in a direct, consistent and informative format, removing the jargon that can complicate the often delicate process of providing a diverse client service.

We are heavily experienced in working with an array of different professionals including financial planners, accountants, mortgage brokers, legal professionals, investment companies and real estate professionals.

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with a more holistic service.



First Link Property provides property developers and vendors a diverse range of purchasers.

This allows for the opportunity to achieve risk diversification, economies of scale, reduced marketing outgoings and faster transactions. In order to maintain the first link,
it is important to work with ethical vendors, referrers and purchasers alike.

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